Asphalt Overdrive

Asphalt Overdrive is a Racing, Drag Drifting, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Gameloft

Asphalt Overdrive Software Description

Asphalt Overdrive is a Racing, Drag Drifting, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Gameloft. All through the time, the player can only move his car on three different lanes respectively through endless tracks. The player can change the lanes by sliding his finger across the screen. If the player comes to collide with any ramp, he can jump off it using a gesture.

During the races, the player can hit other cars, which will increase the nitro bar. When the nitro bar gets full, the player can activate turbo to leave cops far behind the vehicle and do super-jumps. Asphalt Overdrive is very similar to an endless runner genre that is divided into short levels.

Each level lasts for one or two minutes, and additionally, the game has some special events. Asphalt Overdrive has core features such as Endless Races, Simple Controls, Ramps, Three Lanes, and Short Levels.

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Asphalt Overdrive
Asphalt Overdrive
Asphalt Overdrive
Asphalt Overdrive
Asphalt Overdrive

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