Tabloid Tycoon

Tabloid Tycoon is a Business Simulation and Single-player video game developed by THQ

Tabloid Tycoon Software Description

Tabloid Tycoon is a Business Simulation and Single-player video game developed by THQ. In this sim edition, you are to start a scandalous newspaper and destroy the strategies of your rivals, create goodwill for the paper and get the information released first through your company. During the longplay, you compete with your professional competitors, keep classifying the jobs for paparazzi and suck the information about celebrities, anchors, high profiles, heroes, politicians, and sportsmen.

Construct the office, decorate it with your wish, update the press releases from time to time, and get to be known in the industry. Hire reporters, informers, moles, and research and development staff to work efficiently. The game imprints the features like point-and-click controllers, amazing thrilling music, career mode to start and flourish as a tycoon, and a number of characters to interact with.

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Tabloid Tycoon
Tabloid Tycoon
Tabloid Tycoon
Tabloid Tycoon
Tabloid Tycoon
Tabloid Tycoon

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