Relex Solutions

Relex Solutions is a Living Retail Platform that aims to improve retail for every future

Relex Solutions Software Description

Relex Solutions is a Living Retail Platform that aims to improve retail for every future. It allows businesses to stay on track by transforming their retail operations into adaptive, data-driven, and autonomous structures. The benefits of adopting the solution include a significant reduction in waste, high on-shelf availability, and a slight decrease in inventory.

It utilizes machine learning to save the result of dozens of demand drivers for precise demand forecasting, optimizing planning tasks across operations, merchandising, and supply chain by leveraging visibility into future demand. Relex Solution concentrates on three areas named Merchandising, Retail Operations, and Supply Chain. You can boost sales and margins by using its merchandising optimization and category management software.

The Merchandising solutions include Promotion planning, Assortment planning, Markdown pricing and optimization, and Planogram and floor planning. Businesses cantered on Supply Chain to look into one of the offerings which allow them to gain maximum availability with low costs. The Supply Chain Solutions include Supply chain collaboration, Automatic replenishment and allocation, Fresh inventory, End-to-End inventory planning, and Omnichannel supply chain. Lastly, Retail Operations help accelerate the use of resources, inventory, and capacity across your operations, and the solutions in the category include S&OE and S&OP, Store execution, and Workforce management and optimization.

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Relex Solutions
Relex Solutions
Relex Solutions
Relex Solutions

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