Panzer Corps

Panzer Corps is an Action-Adventure, Real-Time-Strategy, War, and Single-player video game arranged by Flashback studios

Panzer Corps Software Description

Panzer Corps is an Action-Adventure, Real-Time-Strategy, War, and Single-player video game arranged by Flashback studios. Here in the line of context, you must choose one of the sides and complete thousands of the scenarios that are taking place in Germany, and other world, countries. Get in the hostile situations, and choose the best tricks, and tactics to outsmart your enemies, indulge in the war against the brutal players in an icy environment, and also make sure to defeat the opponents in the city centers of Berlin.

Enjoy thwarting the attacks from the side of the opposition, and eliminate all the targets by placing the soldiers, use of tanks, and other artillery resources. Make sure to choose the best panzers while completing the missions, keep a count over the health and planning, and try not to be killed by the rivals. There are ultimate graphics including 3D animation, point-and-click controls, and custom scenarios are also added along with thrilling soundtracks, and sizzling graphics.

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Panzer Corps
Panzer Corps
Panzer Corps
Panzer Corps
Panzer Corps

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