Metropolismania 2

Metropolismania 2 offers you a City Building and Single-player Strategy video game developed by Indi and published by Media Factory for PlayStation 2

Metropolismania 2 Software Description

Metropolismania 2 offers you a City Building and Single-player Strategy video game developed by Indi and published by Media Factory for PlayStation 2. The game takes place in a beautiful world where the player has to interact with Non-player Characters to populate the areas. Different types of goals are available to accomplish in each of five different scenarios. Challenging goals involve the field to a targeted population and often ensuring that the specific number of buildings are of a particular type like amusement parks, farms, and more.

The game features several playable characters, such as Boy, Gal, Mellow Girl, Middle-aged Man, etc. There are different types of buildings that fall into several categories like Small Offices, Large Factories, Farming Industries, Amusement Facilities, and more. The primary gameplay focuses on interaction with NPCs, and each character has a friendship meter that may increase or decrease focus on communication, like giving gifts and gossip. Metropolismania 2 includes core features such as different Game Modes, Relationships, Different Buildings, Exchange Gifts, etc.

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Metropolismania 2
Metropolismania 2
Metropolismania 2
Metropolismania 2

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