Joystick Mapper

Joystick Mapper is a macOS utility that lets you map mouse and keyboard commands to a wide variety of game controllers

Joystick Mapper Software Description

Joystick Mapper is a macOS utility that lets you map mouse and keyboard commands to a wide variety of game controllers. It’s a vital companion tool for any serious gamer. It is the solution to a problem that has plagued desktop / Mac gamers for generations. Just plug your gamepad into your computer and map your keyboard and mouse buttons to your gamepad buttons: it’s a matter of moments. No need to buy an expensive custom controller; use the one you already own. It allows you to set up and save profiles for any number of controllers, allowing you to switch between them easily.

Joystick Mapper creates easy-to-use configurable layouts for your game controllers, so it is easier to play games with less time spent reconfiguring your controls. It can assign mouse buttons, keystrokes, and keyboard keys to the buttons and axes of your controller. You can assign both basic and abstract actions to your controller buttons and axes, including mouse movement, application launching, setting modifier keys on/off, sending keyboard text characters, and more.

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Joystick Mapper
Joystick Mapper
Joystick Mapper
Joystick Mapper

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