Fast Food Tycoon 2

Fast Food Tycoon 2 is a Strategy, Business Simulation, and Single-player adventure game developed and showcased by Software 2000

Fast Food Tycoon 2 Software Description

Fast Food Tycoon 2 is a Strategy, Business Simulation, and Single-player adventure game developed and showcased by Software 2000. The management version has a rare idea in the gaming industry in which you will play the role of a business tycoon who starts his small pizza shop. Your job is to get popularity and fame by rendering high-quality products and services to your customers. You will use your mind to be the best business seller of Pizza by adding some new recipes and tastes to your shop and the product as well. Your objective is to have fame across ten different world cities this is why you will start your business from New York and expand it to other countries.

Make research and development to own a Pizza empire, place your restaurant, deliver fast food to be the high profile. Make new recipes and put some fresh ingredients into your fast food, hire new chefs and staff to your pizza shop and earn money. Point and click the food items to add them as a pizza topping. Be an innovative chef and make your success roar. The game features high-definition visuals. Choose a character and make him a tycoon during the gameplay.

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Fast Food Tycoon 2
Fast Food Tycoon 2
Fast Food Tycoon 2
Fast Food Tycoon 2
Fast Food Tycoon 2

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