Dataman ERP

Dataman ERP is an award-winning enterprise resource planning software for small businesses

Dataman ERP Software Description

Dataman ERP is an award-winning enterprise resource planning software for small businesses. The software is designed to help you run your business better and make you money. It is a complete enterprise resource planning and business management system and is designed to help small and mid-size companies reduce costs and increase revenue. This solution offers firms a customized, affordable alternative to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications. Firms can use Dataman ERP to enter and track key business data, including sales, purchases, expenses, time tracking, payroll, etc.

It allows you to track your company’s financial position, identify critical trends and make data-driven decisions that lead to profitability. The platform is available in a cloud-hosted version or in your own data center. The software is not only easy to use but also has all the ERP modules which an organization requires to grow. It can be said that this is the best software that can handle large-scale operations and complexities.

It is simple accounting software with multiple functionalities. The system generates reports automatically and allows the user to export and generate charts, graphs, and detailed analyses. The fully managed hosted service includes all the modules of Dataman Business Software, having full support from the Dataman professional team of developers and technical experts. Dataman ERP also has a provision for inventory management, personnel management, project management, mobile data capture, and many other special features.

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Dataman ERP
Dataman ERP
Dataman ERP
Dataman ERP

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