Ultimate Savanna Simulator

Ultimate Savanna Simulator is an Animal Simulation, Exploration, Combat, and Single-player video game owned by Gluten Free Games

Ultimate Savanna Simulator Software Description

Ultimate Savanna Simulator is an Animal Simulation, Exploration, Combat, and Single-player video game owned by Gluten Free Games. In this context, you have to be the one to simulate the wilder animals such as Cheetah, Elephants, crocodiles, and Wolves, and complete several challenges, explore multiple places and fight your rivals while simulating. In the long run, build the family, raise them and teach your children how to survive in the hostile atmosphere, against the powerful rivals, and also teach them the procedure to hunt and feed.

Indulge in the boss battles, take down your opponents, customize the animals with their skills, colors, and techniques, introduced new ways to earn points, play mini-games update to ragdoll physics, and enjoy the 3-dimensional environment. The special enemies are inclusive of Hyenas, Impala, rhinoceros, Fishes, Snakes, and Dog, also rabbits, Buffalo, Lion, Vulture, and Hippo are part of this game. Experience the core traits like an open world, hundreds of animals, variety of challenges, the thrilling sound system is available with unique graphics and free roam option

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Ultimate Savanna Simulator
Ultimate Savanna Simulator
Ultimate Savanna Simulator
Ultimate Savanna Simulator
Ultimate Savanna Simulator
Ultimate Savanna Simulator

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