Stock Ticker

Stock Ticker is an easy-to-configure WordPress plugin that lets you insert a widget for stock price information to be shown on your website
Stock Ticker

Stock Ticker Software Description

Stock Ticker is an easy-to-configure WordPress plugin that lets you insert a widget for stock price information to be shown on your website. You can customize all colors of the ticker as well as set custom styles for individual stocks. The plugin comes with a configuration wizard which will guide you through all the necessary steps in no time, so installation is child’s play.

The design is 100% responsive, and it’s suitable for all devices with any screen size. Stock Ticker allows you for easy insertion of stock ticker to posts, pages, and widgets of your WordPress website. All in all, Stock Ticker is a great tool that you can consider among its alternatives.

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Stock Ticker
Stock Ticker
Stock Ticker
Stock Ticker
Stock Ticker

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