Rage Road

Rage Road sets in the fabulous environment where dozens of enemies are ready to fight against you

Rage Road Software Description

Rage Road sets in the fabulous environment where dozens of enemies are ready to fight against you. Control an exciting character from a third-person perspective, use legendary weapons, and start shooting enemies to kill for points. Your character is on a vehicle that is moving on the road and many enemies are coming toward you to kill before they hit you, they must be smashed.

You have limited lives; therefore, the game requires you to use the best weapons to kill enemies within time and never give him a chance to stand out ahead your the second time. There are several levels and each completed level will reward you with in-game cash and points that you can use to unlock additional stuff like weapons and accessories for your character. Rage Road comes with prominent features, such as 3D Environment, Shooting Gameplay, Detailed Graphics, and more.

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Rage Road
Rage Road
Rage Road
Rage Road

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