Idle Space Tycoon

Idle Space Tycoon, developed by ColdFire Games GmbH, is a Driller and Single-player Strategy video game for Mobile Devices

Idle Space Tycoon Software Description

Idle Space Tycoon, developed by ColdFire Games GmbH, is a Driller and Single-player Strategy video game for Mobile Devices. The game gives you a chance to become a business tycoon by making a lot of cash working in a space environment. At the start, you must create an idle company by merely managing your spaceships and gathering idle cash.

In short, you have a chance to become a manager of your space market tower and search for the latest technology to turn your business into a brand, then start making money as much as possible. Playing Idle-clicker games is quite easy as it only requires a few taps on the screen to progress, while the main thing is a strategy, having no proper strategy it’s quite difficult to advance. Idle Space Tycoon includes prominent features such as No Internet Connection, Play Offline, Expansion of Tower, and more.

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Idle Space Tycoon
Idle Space Tycoon
Idle Space Tycoon
Idle Space Tycoon

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