Home Renovate ‘N Sale

Home Renovate ‘N Sale is a Role-Playing, Adventure, Life Simulation, Management, and single-player video game developed by Kosin Games

Home Renovate ‘N Sale Software Description

Home Renovate ‘N Sale is a Role-Playing, Adventure, Life Simulation, Management, and single-player video game developed by Kosin Games. In this version, you have to become one of the servants in the house, keep the assignments done, clean the house and its various dirty places, keep the good work continue, and play until the last time. While in the long run, also renovate the house, make new amendments to its luggage, useful items, and replace all of them if necessary.

Design the house, keep it neat and clean, change the outlook, paint all the walls, and try to introduce a new structure of the house. There are different jobs to perform such as you may dive into cleaning tasks, dusting, washing the bathroom, mirror, and floors, path the broken walls, paint the house and try to add new furniture as well. Other core attributes such as updatable skills, multiple tools to carry out the tasks, customization options, multiple mini-games, and first-person perspective are the main factor over here.

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Home Renovate ‘N Sale
Home Renovate ‘N Sale
Home Renovate ‘N Sale
Home Renovate ‘N Sale
Home Renovate ‘N Sale

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