is an online post-apocalyptic survival game about fighting for resources and migrating the safe zones for humans. With the food outbreak tak Software Description is an online post-apocalyptic survival game about fighting for resources and migrating the safe zones for humans. With the food outbreak taking over the world, it’s time to take up arms and fight for survival in an online post-apocalypse world. Players start off with nothing but the need to survive and loot. The game offers unique crafting and building features, multiplayer action, and most importantly, an endless world to explore.

One of the main features of the game is the ability to compete with other players for resources, land, or just to show off. To survive in this harsh environment, players have to use their wit and cunningness as well as their available tools wisely. Eventually, they will have to begin mixing items together in order to create new tools, weapons, and even base improvements.

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